Panama City


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  Hello all and welcome to my Panama City web page where you can read and see over 500 photos and videos about this wonderful city called Panama City in Panama. You will find amazing facts about this woderfull city and country and you will wish to visit it for the first time if you did not do it already. Please feel free to download our original wallpapers of Panama City.

Panama City

Why I decided to write and make web page about this wonderful city in Central America? I am traveler and last year I decided to go and visit Panama City for the first time and guess what? I was pleasantly surprised what I could see. Panama City has everything like any other big city in North America or Europe from great looking sky-scrapers to excellent food, restaurants, shopping centers and more at unbelievable cheap prices.

One of the major concerns of people that live in warm climate is Hurricanes. Panama City has great position as no problems with hurricanes at all. This is the reason why lots of people choose to retire here instead of Florida . Cheap prices and good quality life is all that you will be able to find in Panama . People here are very friendly and crime rate is very low and food is very delicious!!!

Panama City

I really hope that you found what you were looking on this informational website about Panama City . I wish that you check all of my pages as I spent big amount of time and effort to create this webpage for all people that have interest about this beautiful city regardless if you are investor or you would like to buy real estate or retire in Panama . So please bookmark our webpage and come again as soon we will have more and more content such as new videos and new photos about Panama City!!!

Panama Weather

Fall in Love with Panama City, Panama

So, what's to love about the capital and largest city in Panama? A diverse and cosmopolitan stop on the world map, Panama City is a metropolitan polyglot of about 1.8 million people that boasts of terrific scenery, fine dining and nightlife, not to mention the beaches: Take a ride on the Panama Canal Railway, the first continental railway in the western hemisphere; dine at one of a 147 restaurants that feature cuisine from around the world, and enjoy a wide variety of nightlife ranging from nightclubs to gambling to ballet; and don't forget the beautiful beaches that lie within 50 miles of beautiful Panama City.

You'll love a ride on the Panama Canal Railway. The railway cuts a path across the scenic Isthmus of Panama, rolls through lush rainforests, traveling near the Canal's locks, and on to the narrow causeways of Gaton Lake. Business executives, and tourists as well, can commute daily between Panama City and Colon.

You want find fine dining and chic nightclubs scarce in Panama City. Visit Casco Viejo, once ram shackled and battered, even abandoned for decades in favor of more modern neighborhoods, and you'll find a rejuvenated colonial district flowering with the charm that once enchanted visitors and lured them here. The people of Panama City love to have a good time, and when the lights go down one favorite spot is Buzz. Buzz offers music with a Latin rhythm as well as American pop from the last decades of the 20th century, and of course there's a cozy dance floor where you can strut your stuff, and don't forget your favorite beverage.

An hour's drive from Panama City lie wide open beaches of white sand and crystal clear water. For that matter, there are a wide variety of beaches lining the shores of Panama from small coves to vast wide open beaches to a rough coastline and coral reefs. Sun, sand, and waves await you at Playa San Carlos, just 50 miles from Panama City, and from that point on there is nothing but fun in the sun.


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